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Monday, 13 August 2012



Plan Your Sleep To Avoid Worry

It has been shown that if you plan your sleep to avoid worry, you will have a much greater possibility of getting a better night's sleep.

Leading up to bedtime, try and get into a relaxed mood and about half to one hour before retiring, get a pen and paper and write down your plans for the next day along with any worries you might have which will need dealing with.

Put the list away and really emphasize to yourself "Right, I've made my plans, I'm done dealing with this and NOW IS MY TIME FOR SLEEP".

The above strategy is a great help if undertaken consistently and along with relaxation techniques such as listening to relaxing music or using progressive muscle relaxation therapy which involves relaxing specific muscle groups one by one.  This latter helps focus the mind and therefore eliminate outside distractions or invasive thoughts and, most of all, the notes you made earlier which are for TOMORROW ONLY!