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Thursday, 16 December 2010

Want to Look Attractive and Healthy? Get a Good Night's Sleep.

There is a really cheap and effective way of making sure you look as attractive as possible: get plenty of sleep. You will also look much healthier, researchers from Sweden have reported.  They have just conducted a study involving 23, non-smoking, young adult volunteers, aged between 18 and 31. They were photographed twice, each time between 2pm and 3pm. The first photograph was taken after they had had a good night's sleep, while the second one showed what they looked like after sleep deprivation.

All pictures were taken in the same, well-lit room, with a fixed camera and at a fixed distance. None of the participants wore make-up, their hair was combed back, and had undergone similar shaving and washing procedures before each photograph was taken. The photographer asked them to assume a neutral, relaxed facial expression on both photo shoots.

The participants were not allowed to consume alcohol for a period of 48 hours before the study.

Sixty-five other people were asked to rate the photographs for attractiveness, health aspect, and whether or not the person looked tired. The photograph observers did not know the sleep status of the participants they were asked to rate.

The researchers reported that, in the vast majority of cases, the observers rated those who had had a good night's sleep as more attractive, healthier, and with more energy, compared to the ones which had been deprived of sleep.

I would seem then that it is a fact that our lack of sleep is visible to others so when we feel drained and think we look tired, we probably do.  Time to get help sleeping as soon as possible!

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